Do you want people to chase your logo? No problem!

Flarie offers a unique media concept with real in-game advertisement. Our platform enables you to reach your audience with unsurpassed engagement. You also have the opportunity to let your audience compete for promotions, products or your services. Use Flarie to reach customers at the peak of their excitment.


The Flarie platform offers a variety of adjustable games that we customize for your brand. These games are a perfect way to "hang out" with people that are playing. Use our platform to drive sales, brand recognition or to build a relationship. If you want engagement, excitement and loads of interactions - Flarie is for you.


In the summer of 2016 Pressbyrån choose to work with Flarie to reach and build a relationship with people at the age of 15-25. The goal with the campaign was to get people into the stores to try the Pressbyrån Hot Dog. The Hot Dog-game in the Flarie app was set up as a play-to-get-game. Any user who got over 300 points in the game won a Hot Dog and recieved a voucher directly in the message-function within the Flarie app.

The Hot Dog-game was played 2.4 million times by 25 000 people, that spent 33 minutes in average playing the game. Over 5 000 people in the target group went into the stores to collect their Hot Dog. The Hot Dog itself was displayed over 136 million times in the game.

User feedback and user comments were remarkable. Instagram and Facebook ads went viral during the campaign and we were absolutely amazed by the amount of nice things being said.

*** Pressbyrån is Sweden's largest convenience store chain (similar to 7-Eleven). Pressbyrån has 320 stores in Sweden.


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