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Level 1. Flarie Branded Games - Programmatic Display


Executive Summary

Subway produced their own branded game to create interest for their “Club Sandwich”, and pinpointed their target audience using programmatic banners. Overall it delivered high engagement and product recall (56%).


Brand Background

We all know Subway, but perhaps you didn’t know that Subway was founded by a 17-year-old and was originally called Pete's Super Submarines. It was finally renamed Subway in 1972, and a franchise operation began in 1974. It is now the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world, serving “Eat Fresh” subs, wraps, salads and drinks.



Subway wanted a fun and innovative way to announce the arrival of their new “Club Sandwich” just in time for summer. Subway however face stiff competition from a host of different competitors (including big spending fast-food chains and casual dining restaurants). How could they get the stand-out and engagement that they needed?



Subway chose to produce branded games to offer high value branded entertainment, instead of more traditional ads.

The games they chose were Slide and Jewel. Both are developed based upon super popular hyper-casual hits, deliver great entertainment value and long playing times. The games were distributed via specially produced banners, bought programmatically for tight campaign management (targeting, sites, formats, frequency etc).




The promise of branded games delivered above benchmarks Click Through Rates (CTR) from the banners (0,31%). The average play time was more than 5 minutes per person. Most importantly the ad-recall was well above benchmarks for similar activities at 56%.


Play the games here

subway slider     subway jewels


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