Game Design

Game Design

In Flarie Studio you will find 100+ entertaining and engaging games.

All of the games are simple pick up and play games so the best way to get to know these Games is simply to play a few.


Design Assets

Once you've picked the game it's time to get started with the creative part - the branding.

This is where you can add your custom design to your Game. Each Game has between 5-20 different brandable elements including the background, players, obstacles and enemies. Use your favorite design tool to help create the different elements for the game. Then simply 'drag and drop' your assets into Studio and the game is instantly updated.

Make sure to use the correct image sizes and file formats. Different Games may have different requirements for the image size needed for the game to function correctly.

The required image sizes and formats are always stated under the image name so just follow the guidelines and either upload or drag and drop an image and the changes will be reflected immediately in the preview window. 

In many of our games, you can also use sprite sheets to create your animations.

There is also the possibility to brand the screens and buttons before and after your game so don't forget to add some creativity to those as well.

Also, make sure you consider contrasts so that objects and pickups are visible against the background.


Parallax Effects

Some of the games have the possibility to use a parallax effect. A parallax consists of a layer of images that moves at different speeds in the Game. This is a great way to create some depth in your Game and to make it more exciting. 

The image loops, so make sure both ends of your image match so that it’s seamless. It’s also good to consider the different layers and how they work and interact with each other. If you want something to always be visible, like a logo or a product, make sure it’s not covered by the front layer.

Our best tip is to test it properly by playing the Game a few times once the images have been uploaded to make sure it looks good, loops well and has the effect you were going for.


Web Page Background Image

The Web page background image is an image placed behind your Game in a web browser window.

In this image, you can brand your game even further. Some brands use this to place a logo next to the Game or to extend the world of the Game to the whole screen. If you think your Game might be played on a web browser, make sure to upload an image for the Web page Background.



A spritesheet is multiple images combined into a single image. By using spritesheets in supported Games, we can  alternate the objects appearing in the Game whilst playing or create animations. Spritesheets are an excellent way to bring life to your game.

To create a sprite sheet, simply place your design assets in a row next to each other without space in between. Just make sure that the Game supports using sprite sheets. We will always mention this in the description text under the Image Title.

When creating a sprite sheet for animation make sure that the animation overlaps so that the animation is smooth.