What Makes
A Flarie Branded Game

Flarie branded games are developed based on the most successful hyper-casual gaming concepts.

They are easy to pick up, hard to put down and all elements are brandable.

Read more about the fundamentals of Flarie Branded Game Design.


Let's Play

Flarie's Featured Game

We believe the best way to understand what branded games are, and what they can do for your business, is to play them.

This is a game built by Flarie, for Flarie, to drive brand awareness.

Design Your Own Games
With Flarie Studio

Flarie can make games for brands, or brands can do it themselves, with their very own Flarie Studio license.

Flarie Studio makes designing entertaining branded games easy.

Watch this short video demo of Flarie Studio to see how it works!

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Grow With Flarie Studio
3 Levels

Flarie Studio has 3 main license options.

The options are tiered to unlock different benefits and more value.

Read more about you can ‘Grow with Flarie Studio’ and see individual features for each tier.


Branded Games


Make and distribute branded games across your marketing funnel to increase engagement, conversion and retention, whilst also collating 1st party data.

Game Center


Give more reasons to your audience to engage over time, with a variety of different games, points systems, rewards and loyalty schemes.



Integrate Flarie Studio into your tech stack, for easy data flows and to deliver better results across your business.