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Flarie Game Based Rewards System

Supercharge your service by rewarding transactions
through Branded Games.

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Make Any Service

More Rewarding

Flarie's 'Game Based Rewards System' includes the best branded games on the market. Use them to reward any high value action e.g. a transaction, a login or content consumption. Our solution is off-the-shelf with easy onboarding to get you started in days, rather than weeks or months.

Our service has proven to give a +20% increase in transactions. Simply request a demo and see what we can do for your service.

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Make Games A Part Of Your Service

People Love To Play

Gaming is now the biggest entertainment channel in the world. In fact, 82% of internet users play mobile games.

Mobile games are easy to pick up and can be enjoyed throughout the day, peak time being at 9pm. Mobile games are FUN but there are many different motivators for playing, such as stress relief and a sense of achievement.

Take advantage of the power of play, and make games a part of your service!


Why Flarie

Market Leaders For A Reason

  • Best Games On The Market:
    100+games (puzzles, arcade sports) to engage any audience.
    Fun, easy to pick-up and brandable.

  • Highly Adaptable:
    Connect the games to any desired action through simple API's, to unlock games, attempts and rewards.

  • Easy to Get Going:
    Go live in days, not months and see immediate results.


Create A More Rewarding Service

Our Simple Process


Identify the action you want to drive

Linked to your core KPI



Where do the actions take place


Mechanic & Reward

How do you reward people for taking desired actions


Brand & Distribute

Brand the concept and distribute


Ingo 'Go Further'

Making Re-Fuelling More Rewarding

INGO used Flarie Game Based Reward System to increase sales by +20%


1. The user connects a credit card to the INGO App
2. The user re-fuels at INGO
3. A branded game gets unlocked with new chances to win every week
4. The user gets rewarded and uses service again, and again, and again...

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Klarna Gamifying The Check-Out Experience

Klarna 'Gift Factory'

Once you have your audience actively engaged, add mechanics to drive conversions that are important to you - a form-fill, a click, a transaction!


1. Digital transactions

2. Klarna check-out

3. Shop to unlock attemps to reach level 2 and win 7 day discount

4. Gift factor
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Trusted By 200 Major Brands

Grow With Flarie

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world. We help them to:

  • Get more actions, conversions and transactions by incentivising the behaviour that matters

  • Increase engagement by getting customers to spend more time on your platform. Increase ‘discovery and brand uplift'

  • Attract new audiences and appeal to more people


Want To Find Out More?

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