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Published: 12 September 2023

Black Fri Web

BLACK FRIDAY, the biggest shopping day of the year, is just around the corner, and brands are gearing up for the ultimate sales showdown. Shoppers have come to expect incredible deals. It is incredibly hard to get attention during this period. One effective strategy to stand out from the crowd and get a better return for your marketing is harnessing the power of branded games.


Engagement is the Name of The Game

Branded games represent a unique opportunity to create a memorable and interactive experience that capture customers attention and keeps them actively engaged. What’s more, your brand is central to that experience. It’s a license to play with your brand and create something fun. What would your brand look like as a game? How about a special Black Friday themed game? For example our 4-in-a-row game (Jewel) where you match 4 products to win a discount for that product. Or something more abstract, where you battle other customers to get to the front of the line!  


A Better Way To Offer Discount

Branded games are great way to offer discounts for 2 main reasons...

1. The Mechanic: With branded games, a player completes actions and overcomes challenges to win. Winning can then be turned into real value (eg discount codes or coupons) that can easily be allocated to the player in the game to be redeemed at the counter (digital or physical). It’s a very natural mechanic.  

2. The Motivation: People are also more motivated to make redemptions of offers rewarded in games, as they feel they have earned it. Branded games offer that challenge in a fun and entertaining way, through using their skills. This experience is further enhanced by sounds, animations, particle effects and vibrations (what we call juice). It all adds up to the sense of achievement and a feeling you’ve earned your win! Because of this, conversion rate for discounts through branded games are generally much higher. 

Examples of brands using Flarie branded games for offers.
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Black Fri Web ii-1


A Feeling That Lasts

When customers have a blast playing a game, it leaves a lasting impression that remains beyond Black Friday and even Black week. This can lead to repeat business and create a loyal fan base. They also create a viral effect, with people sharing their experience with friends and family through social media or word of mouth. 


How To Get Started?

It’s easy!! Here is an example of Black Friday concept and game developed by Flarie. 


So, Be Playful! And level up your Black Friday strategy this year with the power of branded games and watch your sales soar to new heights. Speak to a Flarie success manager about a free mock-up of your own unique Black Friday branded game.


Book a meeting to see what your branded game could look like!


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