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Flarie Studio

Bring Any Brand To Life

We believe that brands should BE PLAYFUL. Because playful brands are entertaining, engaging and fun. Thatā€™s good for audiences and good for business.

The Flarie Studio platform enables you to choose from over 100 popular games, then drag and drop assets to customise your design. All elements are brandable so you can create something truly unique, with guaranteed engagement built in.

Supercharge with settings to drive specific business goals, whether engagement, conversion or loyalty. Flarie games are web-based and played on links so can be distributed across any touchpoint.

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The Fundamentals

What Makes A Flarie Branded Game?

Flarie Branded Games share 3 key attributes:

1. They are fun! They are more than just mechanics but real hyper-casual games, both original hits and our version of classics. They are extensively tested on audiences so we can guarantee engagement.

2. They are easy to pick up, and hard to put down! Players don't need a manual, and instinctively know what to do. Just touch or swipe the screen for fun!

3. All elements are brandable! The background, player, obstacles, particle effects, music... everything! This enables the creation of something truly unique.

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Any Touchpoint More Engaging

Distribute Anywhere

Flaries branded games are built with HTML5, and distributed on web links and QR codes. This means any of your audience touchpoints can be made more engaging with a branded game. Your advertising, websites, apps, emails, products, events and even loyalty programmes can all now be playable!

Any device with a browser and internet access can become a tool to play a branded game and have an enjoyable moment with a brand, whether mobile, tablet or desktop, so your audience can enjoy the fun at work, home or on the move!


Trusted By Over 100 Brands

We Know What Works

Flarie have worked with over 100 major brands to create:

  • Over 1000+ games

  • In Over 30+ different countries

  • With Over 20m+ players

Read our cases and learn from their success, or play some of their games in the Flarie Arcade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a branded game?collapse-icon-64-64

A branded game is an interactive digital experience created as a marketing tool to promote a specific brand, product, or service. These games immerse users in an enjoyable experience while integrating the brand's message and visual elements.

Branded games can take various forms, from web based games, to apps, to console console games. Flarie's branded games are web-based hypercasual games, that can be distributed across any touchpoint.

Play some games  in the Flarie Arcade.

What are advergames?collapse-icon-64-64

Advergames refers to branded games specifically used in advertising or paid media, as an advertising format (an advertising-game). They are therefore more likely to be free to play promotional mechanisms rather than super-immersive experiences.

Read Flarie's article  'What are Advergames'.

What are key elements of successful branded games?collapse-icon-64-64

Successful branded games share several key elements:

1. Engagement - the game should entertain and engage the audience you are looking to connect with

2. Brand Integration - A branded game should enable integration of the brands message and visual elements in a seamless way

3. Effect - A branded game should enable you to adjust the game or gaming experience to meet your particular business goals

Read Flarie's article 'The Fundamentals of Flarie Game Design' 

How can branded games be used in marketing?collapse-icon-64-64

Branded games can be used to:

- Increase user engagement and 'brand love' eg through a fun experience in social media
- Deliver conversion eg by awarding discounts for meeting challenges
- Encourage loyalty eg through game based loyalty initiatives

See how Flarie is able to supercharge games with settings to meet different business objectives.   Learn More

What is gamification?collapse-icon-64-64

Gamification is the process of incorporating branded games and game-like elements, such as challenges, points, achievement badges and leaderboards into non-gaming contexts. It plays on peoples emotions and natural motivations.

Gamification can therefore be used to make the experience of a service or user journey more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Various industries use gamification to increase usage or their services - the biggest one being retail (29% of the market - Fortune Business Insights). Gamification of transactional apps and web-based services is a common use case. with 70% of Fortune 2000 companies using it in some form. 

What are different types of gamification?collapse-icon-64-64

There are broadly 2 types of gamification. 

1. Indirect Gamification - Where branded games and gamification techniques (challenges, points etc) are used to get people to spend more time on platforms / services. 

2.  Direct Gamification - People can unlock new games or attempts to win in those games, by performing high value actions eg making a transaction.

At Flarie we can build concepts for both Indirect and Direct Gamification. 

See Indirect Gamification case for Klarna

See Direct Gamificaiton case for INGO.

Can branded games be played on different platforms?collapse-icon-64-64

Branded games can be developed to play on any platform. From high-end console based branded games, to hyper-casual web-based branded games.

It is therefore best that a brand first identifiies which audience they want to reach, and what they want that audience to do, and then work with a partner or platform to develop a game to meet those requirements.

At Flarie, our Flarie Studio platform enables the production of web-based hyper-casual games played on links. This enables all a brands touchpoints.. including advertising, websites, apps, emails, products, events and even loyalty programmes to become 'playable'. Any device with a browser and internet access can become a tool to play a branded game.

Are branded games typically free towards users?collapse-icon-64-64

That depends on your business strategy and what you are looking to achieve with the game. Some branded games might be monetised as a separate revenue stream through various means e.g. premium 'pay for' games or in-game purchases. These games are typically AAA games and have long development times.

The  majority of branded games are however offered to users for free. Free branded games can be a powerful marketing tool for companies to engage large or more specific audiences to drive specific business goals (awareness, consideration, loyalty).

Flarie's branded games are typically free towards users, although often used as a reward for performing a high value action e.g. a transaction.


How much does it cost to make a branded game?collapse-icon-64-64

The price of a branded game can be affected by various factors including the complexity of the game, level of customisation/programming required, involvement of specialist tech and the platform on which released. The end price can range from those in-line with interactive banner ads up to those in-line with making a movie. 

A central question when planning and budgeting is therefore, what is the objective with the branded game and the expected return on investment against that objective. 

Simple web-based branded games/advergames/mini-games can be relatively affordable and a great entry point for many. Flarie Studio is a platform that enables the production of such games that are designed specifically to drive  a variety of business objectives for companies (eg leads, clicks, sales), and ultimately a strong return investment. The standardisation within the platform (choosing games and drag and drop design) enables the prodution of fun and unique games whilst keeping the price low. 

Learn more about Flarie Studio  or speak to a Flarie customer success manager about pricing.

How do I get started?collapse-icon-64-64

Whether you a marketing lead or creator, brand or agency, curious or ready to go, Flarie are here to help.

Looking for a serviced solution? Speak to a Flarie customer success manager and get a free consultation. We can discuss your needs and revert with a concept and branded game mock-up in 3-5 working days!

Looking to create your own branded game? Check out our free demo of the Flarie Studio platform. With Flarie Studio, any brand can become a game and any creator can become a game designer. It's simple and fun!

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