Klarna integrated the Flarie “Studio” game design platform into their own tech stack to enable them to produce their own Klarna branded games. Klarna distributed their branded games in their app and as a result increased time spent in the app by +350%


Brand Background

Klarna is a Swedish fintech success story. Launched in 2005 Klarna has revolutionized the retail banking industry and provides services such as direct and 'pay later' payments for online storefronts.



In 2020 Klarna launched their app, to “elevate peoples shopping experience” with personalised inspiration, exclusive offers and freedom to pay as you like. Klarna wanted to encourage loyalty to the app, but also promote economically responsible behaviour (so encourage people to pay their invoices). They wanted something easy, effective and smooooth.



Klarna integrated Flaries “Studio” branded game design platform into their own tech stack, enabling them to produce games for a series of use cases. These included games for the Klarna app, that were unlocked and awarded to customers when they had no bills left to pay.




Klarna key metric for the partnership was time spent in Klarna app, as this is viewed as a good indicator of a positive experience. To measure this they set-up a test with one “experimental group” who had the games in their app, and one “control group” who did not.

The “experimental group” spent +350% more time overall in the app, (and +36% even when app specific time was excluded… showing that additional time was not just in the game but in other areas in the app).


Quote from client

“The basis for our entire business is the best customer experience and that we add value with our products and services. We therefore hope that our series of mini-games will add a little extra joy to people's day, while also acting as a creative incentive to manage their payments”.


David Fock, Global Product Manager Klarna.


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