Garnier chose to Flarie branded games to communicate their “Vitamin C” range, delivering increased engagement and consideration. Brighter communications for brighter skin, delivered brighter results. 


Brand Background

Garnier was founded in France in 1904 by Alfred Amour Garnier, patenting the first hair lotion derived from natural plant ingredients. Fast forward and the company has branched out into 45 brands and hundreds of products across beauty, hair and skincare. They continue to innovate with the “Vitamin C” series for “glowy skin”.



The skincare market however is saturated with products. Simply pushing out the name “Vitamin C” is likely not sufficient to deliver results. Garnier also needed to drive consideration, through engaging communications.



Garnier’s target audience for this product (beauty conscious and busy 20-50 women) are of course receptive to beauty solutions, but they also love casual gaming… for enjoyable pauses and to brighten their days. What would happen if you combine both? Below is the ad that Garnier distributed across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It encourages the audience to play the “Vitamin C” branded game and “put the lemon in the net”. People who clicked were rewarded with a fruity game. 




The campaign ran across 4 different markets, and in each market the engagement rate was more than double the benchmark from previous social campaigns which tended to just show product (nearly 3 times higher in Norway and Finland, and nearly 4 times higher in Denmark). The average play time of the game was 2.6 minutes across markets, driving positive associations with Garnier and embedding the benefits of “Vitamin C” products for glowing skin.

(Below graph shows percentage improvement in engagement of the Garnier branded game ad in FB/Insta, versus the benchmark from 20+ social campaigns in 2021).


So in summary, to drive consideration (and not just awareness) find your audiences where and when they are most receptive to your messages and deliver engaging experiences. Branded games, for many, represent a great opportunity to fuel your marketing funnel.


(Being known is not enough.. Be Playful. According to Forrester - consideration and preference should be a priority)

Quote from client

“It was so much fun to develop the games – and most importantly; even more fun to play them! The numbers are speaking for themselves and we are very thrilled with the outcome” Cecilie Brevadt (Nordic Product Brand Manager & Sustainability Champion).


Play the games here



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