INGO integrated a series of different branded games into their app that offered the chance to win free fuel as a means to increase loyalty and lifetime customer value. The average play time was 82 minutes per person, and the games helped contribute to thousands of re-fuels through the app.


Brand Background

INGO are a fuel 'filling station' brand operating 445 outlets across Sweden and Denmark. Since 1978 they have worked tirelessly to remove all unnecessary frills in order to be able to offer what's most important to their customers... the lowest possible prices on fuel. 



INGO views their app as a great tool to increase loyalty and increase lifetime customer value.  It allows them to freely communicate with their customer base and to offer new reasons to use INGO… for example view fuel usage, get digital receipts and find the nearest filling station. How could INGO go further and elevate this experience to help maintain and grow their user base? 



INGO integrated a series of different branded games into their app that offered users a chance to win free fuel. The games they chose were Blocks, Jewel and Kobe (all based on classic hyper-casual hits that are popular with a broad target audience - see below). The more points players scored, the more fuel they won and the more time they spent in the app building loyalty to INGO. A new competition dropped every week.




Over the first 5 months of this ongoing activation, the INGO branded games delivered 82 minutes average play time per person and helped contribute to thousands of re-fuels.


Play the games here

ingo_qr1     ingo kobe


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