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Published: 10 November 2022

Are you paying attention?

Attention is when someone stops what they are doing to focus on a specific stimulus, and having people stop and look at their advertising is what all advertisers want.


Why is it important?

Research has shown there is a clear link between attention, ability to remember advertising, mental availability (consideration when people arrive at the counter), and brand growth.
And not every brand can have it! Indeed advertisers compete with one another within what has been termed the attention economy.
‘The collective human capacity to mentally engage with the elements of our environment'. Or to summarise, if your brand isn’t seen, it cannot drive sales… fact!



New Measurement = New Opportunities

However, historically attention has been very hard to measure and therefore effectively deliver. It requires an ability to look at and analyse people being presented with real stimuli, in true context, towards people going about their natural lives. This takes impartial analysis with advanced eye tracking capabilities, linked to devices at scale. But this is changing, and is being pioneered by organisations like ‘The Attention Council’ using technology from companies like Tobii, Lumen and Odyssey. This is leading to exciting new findings that could lead to a better return on advertising investments.


Are you getting your fair share?

The assumption by advertisers is often that people pay more attention to their advertising than they actually do. This is only natural as communications plans have historically been built and measured on impressions and viewability, rather than attention. As a result there is a massive discrepancy between what advertisers think they are getting and what they are actually getting.
In reality 70% of ads that are classified as viewable (mrc standard), are not visible by human eyes for more than 2 seconds. It’s interesting to note that memory association only starts taking place at 2.5-3 seconds (Amplified Intelligence).



Platform functionality is the largest contributor

As a result of extensive studies, we are now able to see that various factors affect attention, but platform functionality is the largest contributor. So for example, does the platform?
- Have the ability to scroll
- Have default sound off (or tend to be viewed without sound)
- Have a lot of page clutter
- Have smaller ad aspect ratios (size of the ad)
If so, it will likely lead to less attention for your advertising. Hence there is a massive difference in active attention between platforms and formats. This also means that despite what creativity is shown, there will always be an upper and lower limit to what it can achieve.


Branded games, The active attention media

At Flarie, we make branded games. Games that people actively choose to play, where full attention is required and where average time spent per game session is 200 seconds. More than this, the brand or product is gamified and in screen 100% of the time. That’s why we believe Flarie branded games, are THE active attention media.


So get savvy, buy more attention for your investment and ‘Make Games Not Ads!

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