'Get into Gaming' - Watch Seminar

Published: 07 November 2023


Learn about gamers, the gaming landscape and how to get started in this exciting space.

Watch this short video of our Marketing VP Chris Drake presenting at iAB's 'Get into Gaming' seminar offering insights on how brands can use gaming to connect with audiences and gain competitive advantage.   
Some top points:   
- There are now 3bn gamers worldwide (mobile the main driver)
- Gaming is now the biggest form of entertainment (in terms of user investment)
- Gaming is active, social and transactional - so is seen by many to be an evolution and merging of all media 
- Opportunities are increasingly standardised, so even solutions like branded games are accessible to all brands 

As such, the opportunity for brands to engage and activate with audiences through gaming at scale, is better than ever, and those act early to gain a lot through being first movers in the space.

Visit the iAB website to learn more and download the full 'Gaming Handbook', or get in touch for a chat.  

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