Flarie Summertime Snapshot

Published: 16 May 2023

Midsommar från flarie

Temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, summer is finally here!
With the start of summer also comes a change in consumer behaviour. It is therefore a great opportunity for brands to review their marketing activities, and adjust communications in-line with that behaviour, the devices they are using and the content they are consuming!

Consumer behaviour


Shoppers are out and about. They are feeling more relaxed and are more likely to make impulse purchases (eg fashion) without as much research or consideration, spend more on experiences (big and small holidays, adventures, food and drink) and also are improving their environment (garden, house and DIY etc). Brands can tap into this, by building brand with fun experiences and capitalising on consumption with relevant promotions.


People are on the move

on the move

Because of this smartphones even more popular in summer for later and longer, as they enjoy the sun - in their gardens, in the countryside, in the city and on their travels. 89% say their preferred device during this period is their smartphone.


Turning off the TV


TV remains the biggest single channel overall in terms of viewership during the summer, but sees a seasonal lull and decline 11% versus the yearly average. There are however spikes for major events. like the 2023 women’s world cup in July.

89% of internet users use second screens whilst watching TV, to connect to both related content (18% connect to online content related to the TV show they are watching), but also non-related content (a massive 38% play games)

Source all response media/GWI


Social Summer

social media

Usage of social media across all platforms increases as people create, share and consume content. 

What content are they sharing?



Video games sees highest increase amongst content forms during the summer 


Summer frees up more time for people to do more of what they love, like lounging around playing video games. Long car journeys and plane flights are also key moments for game-play on mobile devices. 


Be Playful!

Be Playful this summer and entertain your audience with your very own summer-time branded game.


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