Branded Games activate and enable audiences to take action and make purchases. This is due to engagement levels and simple mechanics unique to branded games. In this guide you will learn how you can take advantage of this new marketing phenomenon to boost conversions and increase sales.

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1. What is a conversion: The definition of a conversion, the role of discount codes and digital coupons, and setting benchmarks. 
2. Branded Games and Why They Work:  What are branded games aka advergames, and what makes them so good for driving conversion (delivering both the motivation and the mechanics)
3. Get Started: How you can make your very own quality branded game for driving conversions in hours with Flarie Studio, including..
    a. Picking the right game for your brand 
    b. Customising the design
    c. Supercharging with settings (eg challenges and leaderboards) 
    d. Rewards (and the “size of the prize”)
    e. Distribution across the right touchpoints
5. Case: Lean how LOOKFANTASTIC (europes leading beauty eCommerce site) increased conversion on their platform by +180%. Even try the game for yourself!


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