In a world full of distractions, branded games offer a unique opportunity to engage and connect with audiences. Unlike other forms of content, people choose to actively participate in branded games and do so for long periods of time, quite simply because they are fun and entertaining. 

In this guide you will learn how to take advantage of this new marketing phenomena to boost engagement across any touchpoint and in doing so increase revenue (or in short, sell more stuff). 

Download our free 24 page guide and learn:  
1. What is engagement: The relationship between cognitive, emotional and behavioral engagement) and why it is important  
2. The challenge for brands: Why engagement or ‘quality time’ with your audience is increasingly hard to get 
3. What are Branded Games: Understand the difference between different forms of advertising in and around games..  what makes branded games aka advergames unique, and why they work
4. Get Started: How you can make your very own quality branded game in hours with Flarie Studio, including
Picking the right game for you 
Customizing the design 
Supercharging with settings eg challenges and rewards
Distributing across any touchpoint
5. Cases: See cases for 3 brands that are using branded games to increase engagement across the marketing funnel (Garnier, Lookfantastic and Klarna), and even try the games for yourself!    

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