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Level Up Your Black Friday Sales

BLACK FRIDAY, the biggest shopping day of the year, is just around the corner, and brands are gearing up for the...


Webinar On Demand

Register to access the webinar video Make a branded game in 30 Minutes, learn about the power of play and why you should make a branded game


Flarie Summertime Snapshot

Temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, summer is finally here!With the start of summer also comes a...


5 Trending Hyper-Casual Games

When developing branded games at Flarie we always look to the market to see what genres and games are trending in the...


What Are Advergames (aka Branded Games)?

Advergames (aka branded games) are essentially video games focused on promoting a particular brand, product or...


Branded Games - Get The Attention You Deserve

Are you paying attention? Attention is when someone stops what they are doing to focus on a specific stimulus, and...


The Fundamentals of Flarie Branded Game Design

Flarie has developed 100s of casual games for companies looking to entertain and engage audiences. All these games are...


Why Make Branded Games (5 Use Cases)

Branded games (aka branded mini games or advergames) are essentially video games focused on promoting a particular...


The Mobile Gaming Revolution

Escape to other worlds Gaming allows people to escape to other worlds. Whether playing a role in an elaborate story...

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