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The Coca-Cola Company worked with Flarie to create their own branded game to launch and sample their new product Coke Energy. The game delivered more than 2.5 minutes playtime per session and 94% ‘sample voucher’ redemption, making it one of the best performing sampling campaigns they have run.


Brand Background

Everyone knows Coca-Cola. Founded in 1886, and with it's legendary flavour, has brought happiness to generations of soda drinkers. The formula is a closely guarded secret and is an iconic soft drink globally. The magic formula of Coca-Cola has expanded to include multiple variants - including Coke Energy. 



Coke Energy was the first energy drink released under the Coca-Cola brand, and was designed to complement upbeat and busy lives. But how do you get people’s attention in a sea of advertising around soft and energy drinks, and actually get it into people’s hands so they can try it?



We created a Coke Energy branded game as a tool for intense consumer engagement in a very ad resistant target audience. As a part of the campaign, product vouchers were added to the Flarie Store, making it possible for users to buy them with their Flarie Coins, which were earned in the Coke game.


Based on the target audience, a branded game was the perfect solution to engage Coke Energy's younger 'ad-resistant' audience. When the audience invested their time and energy in the games, they were more likely to redeem the sampling vouchers. 


Flarie produced two branded games for Coke Energy both focusing on speed and energy and requiring a high level of alertness in order to win. The visual design of the games was also unmistakably "Coke Energy" with strong product references throughout. 

These games were then distributed in paid media towards their audience, with sampling redemption connected to a wide range of stores.




Average play time per session for the games was more than 2.5 minutes.
Of the 9000 sampling vouchers distributed, a massive 94% were redeemed.


Quote from client

"We were really pleased with the engagement levels and the high redemption rate. This was a very successful digital sampling mechanic and we were very happy with our partnership with Flarie."


Jonny Fält Media Operations Manager Nordics at The Coca-Cola Company


Play the game here

coke energy


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