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The Swedish cinema chain Filmstaden is renowned for having one of the most attentive on-screen experiences in media and being the place to showcase audio-visual advertising excellence.


After 2 years of restrictions, people are now returning to cinemas and look forward to a new season of summer blockbusters including Dr Strange in the Multi-Verse of Madness, Thor Love and Thunder and Buzz Lightyear. In connection with this, Filmstaden wants to complement the experience, by launching multiple Filmstaden branded games.


At Filmstaden we love to innovate. We know our audience loves cinema but also gaming. User penetration of mobile gaming now exceeds 30%. We are thrilled to be able to incorporate this into the Filmstaden cinematic experience and in the future potentially even extend our gaming solutions to our advertisers and partners who want to add further value to a visit to the cinema, Leslie Marsden (Filmstaden Head of Sales).


By engaging in the games, customers will be able to turn their skills into winning cinema tickets and food and beverages for their night out, whilst also watching trailers for upcoming films. Filmstaden hopes that by incentivising customers through ‘playful moments’, they will spend more time with their brand and within their ecosystem, and will also return more often and increase their lifetime value.


The games have been developed through a partnership with the Swedish branded game (aka advergaming) company Flarie, who have extensive experience in working in this space.


Filmstaden is an iconic entertainment brand, and we are pleased that through this partnership even more people will get the opportunity to play games powered by Flarie’. Cinema and gaming have a great shared history with games influencing film and vice versa, we look forward to a great shared future. Filip Tröger (Flarie Founder and CEO).


Over the years, Flarie has developed games for hundreds of brands including Coca-Cola, Klarna, Unilever and Spotify. The partnership puts Flarie's game development platform and game portfolio at Filmstaden's disposal. The games have an average playing time of more than 3 minutes.


Visitors will have the opportunity to play on mobile phones as well as tablets and computers, and the games will be made available across all Filmstaden touchpoints, including their website, app, newsletter, social media and on the cinemas' outdoor screens.


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