Flarie gets into pizza design



Flarie is proud to have a long and continually evolving partnership with Dafgårds. Over the years the two companies have worked closely together to find new innovative ways to engage and build relationships with Dafgårds customers. The partnership is now being taken to a new level with Flarie mobile game players being given the opportunity to actually develop the next Billys Pan Pizza.


“At Dafgårds we are interested in new ways of product development . So, when Flarie presented the concept, it felt fitting - but also nerve-wracking. What if the participants voted for an anchovy, crab and bacon pizza, with curry seasoning? Thankfully, now that we have a result it feels like the participants put together a pizza that will be a hit in the freezer.


The concept succeeded. Not only did it result in a great pizza, it also engaged our core target audience and created a stronger bond between us as a brand and the consumer”, explains Matilda Ward, marketing director at Dafgårds.


The initiative attracted 18 000 participants in just 4 weeks, and they got to choose everything from toppings and spices to packaging and the name. The result? Billys King Kebab.


“At Flarie, we constantly want to help brands create entertaining , activations and experiences regardless of whether that is a branded game or development of a new product . We were really excited to see such commitment from Dafgårds and that this initiative got such a big welcome . Billy’s Pan Pizza is such an iconic product, we really look forward to seeing how it performs in the stores now when it’s released”, says Filip Tröger, CEO and co-founder of Flarie.


The pizza is now available in stores all around Sweden, named KING KEBAB. A pizza with kebab meat, french fries, jalapenos and topped with a garlic sauce.

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