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Ben & Jerry's brought the launch of their “cookie dough peace pop” to life with their very own branded game. The game was distributed in paid media and had 76% positivity in post-campaign analysis.


Brand Background

The legendary Ben & Jerry's brand was founded in 1978 and have gone from a single ice cream parlour in Vermont to a multi-national company renowned for their marketing excellence, playful sense of humour and advocacy for social justice. They are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever.



When Ben & Jerry's released another one of their inventive ice cream products, the “Cookie Dough Peace Pop”, they wanted to do it in a playful way in line with their brand that would help them stand-out on the market, and in doing so be the ice cream of choice for the summer.



Traditional advertising in isolation wasn’t going to cut it, so Flarie helped Ben & Jerry's create their own series of branded games. The games were based on popular hyper-casual concepts. The product was always front and centre and Ben & Jerry’s unique branding was used to create games that were distinctive and colourful. They even included flying cows!

The games were distributed in digital media and Flarie also ran a ‘gaming special’ on digital outdoor. The ‘gaming special’ involved turning a large digital outdoor site into a public gaming experience to entertain people taking a pause in the city-centre. The screen became the TV, and people’s mobile phones became the handset.




The games were played on average for 4.3 minutes. This in turn enabled strong ad recall (76%) and was an activation that people really liked and were ‘positive’ to (74%).


Play the game here

Ben jerry chop


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