Lidl used Flarie branded games as the cornerstone of a new fruit and vegetable concept, and helped to increase Lidl’s customer base at record speed.


Brand Background

Lidl is a German international retailer with over 11,000 stores across Europe and the United States (impressively there are Lidl stores in every member state of the European Union). They have a zero waste approach and pass the savings onto their customers.



Lidl wanted to drive sales of fresh fruit and vegetables. They were keen to demonstrate they keep stock fresh and costs low by always sourcing locally and having a world-class supply chain. But how to take this message out to customers?



Lidl and their creative agency Garbergs developed a “That’s Lidl” concept, where they promoted their vast assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables at the right price by, “avoiding the middlemen”, and going straight from farm to store.

As a key part of the concept Flarie enabled Lidl to produce their own branded games where we brought the concept of “avoiding the middlemen” to life. Lidl produced several branded games around popular hyper casual concepts… where the player had to collect rosy red apples and “avoid the middleman”.

Lidl further incentivised sales by offering a free gift card of $50 people scoring over 250 points, with a new chance to win every week.

The game was distributed in paid and owned media, including being hosted on a campaign site on the Lidl website.


Watch the campaign video

Click here to watch the campaign video



“The new campaign has caught on and Lidl has increased it’s customer base at record speed”.. Resume - marketing industry press.


Quote from client

“We continue to fill the brand with energy and entertainment. This time we want to draw attention to our work to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables every day. By eliminating unnecessary middlemen, we can offer the highest quality at the best price”..

“It looks undeniably good for us right now, we take customers from all competing players and the campaign measurements show very strong figures”.

Marketing Director Fredrik Marmbrandt


Play the game here

lidl grace


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