Calabrio Supercharges Event Engagement with Branded Game Solution


Brand Background

Calabrio is likely one the biggest companies you’ve never heard of. That is because they are mostly a hidden partner to companies, helping enterprises across industries and around the world improve their customer service interactions through better contact centre workforce performance. They do this through powerful, AI-fueled software solutions that enable companies to:

- Forecast and schedule agents to interact with customers at the right time, in the right place.

- Empower customer service agents with tools to have more autonomy over their workAutomate quality management processes, conduct analysis and uncover insights across all service channels. 

Alongside their product development, they are driving the change in perception of “Contact Centres” from a cost centre to something that drives incredible value in the form of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Calabrio’s 2022 State of the Contact Centre research found that consumers say they will leave a brand after 2 bad customer service experiences. 

Calabrio therefore strives to empower contact centres and agents to be what they call “Brand Guardians,” who deliver great outcomes for customers looking for assistance. 


Over the last 3 years Calabrio has embarked on a period of rapid growth. Seeing an average of one new company a day choosing Calabrio ONE software. They have customers in over 100 countries, and work with 20% of Fortune 500 companies. This number is rising and there is an ambitious goal for the percentage by 2025. 

Key to achieving such a goal is starting conversations with the right decision makers. The people at these companies who are responsible for making these types of decisions typically have the role, “Head of Customer Service” or “Contact Center Director”, or an equivalent. The users who can influence the purchase are “Workforce Managers,” “Contact Centre Analysts” and “Quality Managers.” “Customer Service Agents” use and are deeply affected by the product but rarely involved in the purchase.


Industry exhibitions and events are a major opportunity for B2B companies like Calabrio to meet these key decision makers and are a critical part of Calabrio’s marketing plan. The continual challenge is to get them to stop, engage and leave their details as interested prospects who Calabrio can then nurture towards a purchase. 


“With so many companies vying for attention from people going around these events, we needed a new way for Calabrio to get people to sign up. But more than that we wanted to get into the heads of these decision makers the idea of agents as Brand Guardians, and how as decision makers they can use Calabrio ONE software to  support the best possible customer service outcomes.”  Alyssa Fishwick (Global Head of Corporate Communications).



“As a consumer relaxing in my house,  I was playing a Flarie branded game for a yoghurt brand. I thought it was really addictive, and more so I realised I was being completely immersed in the value of the brand. When Calabrio underwent a bolder brand messaging initiative, I contacted Flarie to explore how we could apply this to Calabrio’s marketing goals and challenges”.  AF


Calabrio used the Flarie Studio platform to create a unique branded game, telling the story of how the software can be used to turn Customer Service Agents into powerful “Brand Guardians.”

Their branded games were distributed at more than 30 events across multiple markets. Typically the games would be on pre-loaded monitors at the Calabrio exhibition booth and QR codes on backdrops and flyers for attendees to 'scan and play' on their own devices. Each event’s game was easily tailored to the local language and with a bespoke challenge to score points to be in with a chance to win a prize. 



Across a 12 month period Calabrio’s branded games engaged 1130 event attendees, who provided their email addresses to be re-contacted by Calabrio. The average playtime by these players was 27 minutes! 


“The branded games are a fantastic conversation starter at events and a great introduction to our brand and service. We’ve had people who are absolutely addicted to the games. Through the games we add around 100 new leads a month to our database. One of the winners at a leading North American industry event turned into a six figure US dollar deal within months. What’s more this game set-up was rolled out in under a month!”  AF

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