The major Nordic electric goods retailer Elon, used Flarie branded games to increase membership of their loyalty programme by 8%.


Brand Background

Elon is a Nordic electrical group with a history of specializing in white goods. They have over 900 stores across the region, owned and operated by franchisees.



Elon has a loyalty programme called Elon Club. They know that if they can recruit people into Elon Club, they are more likely to become high value lifetime customers. They are therefore always on the lookout for new opportunities to support this goal.



Flarie produced 3 different games for Elon. The games were selected on the basis that they were super popular with a slightly older demographics of ‘household decision makers’.

These games were distributed across various channels…
- Paid media (in the Flarie app)
- At events (Nordics most watched music event - Melodiefestivalen)
- On the Elon website
- In order confirmations online
They also included an added incentivisation (reach a certain number of points in the game to win a washing machine). By playing, the audience agreed to give their email addresses to be part of the Elon Club.




The Elon branded games attracted 200,000 unique players.
The average total game time per player was 68 minutes.
Most importantly the branded games directly contributed to an 8% increase in Elon Club membership.


Elon even decided to do a follow-up campaign with Flarie for brown goods (audio and visual equipment), targeted at younger people.


Play the game here

elon wack


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