Flarie Branded Games used to drive engagement in social media. Oral-B distributed their own branded game in social media to launch their new toothpaste. On average the audience played for an average of 11 minutes, driving strong product recall and consideration for “Oral-B Densify”!


Brand Background

Oral-B has a long history of producing market-leading toothbrushes but now they are branching out into toothpaste and offering total mouth care. Their revolutionary new formula is specially created to “Densify” teeth, making them stronger and healthier.



In a low-interest category, with heavy spending and well-established competitors, it has been increasingly difficult for Oral B to stand out and makes a splash.
Oral-B, therefore, wanted to take a different approach to advertising. Social media is a key channel for reaching all their customer segments, but what format to use?



Flarie supported Oral B to produce and distribute their own branded game, which was then targeted at their audience on meta (Facebook and Instagram).

The games chosen were purposefully simple and fun, with large and clear branding opportunities to showcase the product. The games also enabled Oral B to bring to life the concept of strengthening teeth. In terms of buying, a sequential approach was taken, offering the audience one game followed by another, meaning they were always entertained across the period of a month.

oralb game



The Flarie campaign delivered much higher engagement versus previous campaigns in a key channel for Oral-B and an incredible amount of time with Oral-B and their new “Densify” product. 45% of those who clicked converted to game sessions. Overall the average playtime per person was 11 minutes.


Play the game here



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