Happy Travels with Flarie and "3 mobile"


Flarie have partnered with "3 mobile" to produce a branded game that helps people enjoy happier travels. 

The game selected "Grace" is a hyper-casual hit popular with a broad audience, and the opportunity to win a new Samsung phone made it even more engaging. "3 mobile" then customised with their strong and distinctively bright branding, including a loveable little creature that collects phones to build a high score. 

The game was distributed through social media, and through QR codes on posters on public transport (including inter-city and underground rail). It could also be accessed through a special page on "3 mobiles" website dedicated to entertaining people on the move. See the video above with the user flow. 

During the 1 month activation, the game delivered an incredible 168K game rounds and an average playtime per player of 9.3 minutes!  

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