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As members of the iAB Gaming Taskforce, Flarie support the development of gaming as a communications channel for all advertisers. As part this work, we have helped produce the new "iAB Gaming Handbook". 

Chris Drake - Marketing VP Flarie and Chairman iAB Gaming Taskforce explains.. “within this document we cover the monumental growth of gaming as an entertainment channel, the audiences who are engaging and the opportunities for brands (channels, platforms and formats). By doing this we hope to dispel some of the mystery and help more brands get into gaming with practical guidance.”

Below is an excerpt related to the development of a gaming strategy:

5 Steps To Get in Gaming
Gaming can be intimidating and confusing given the array of different partners and solutions. Having a clear strategy is crucial to help identify how to activate in this space and develop communications that deliver great business results.

Below are 5 key steps every advertiser might consider:

1. Find your audience in gaming
Use industry standard tools like audience surveys (eg orvesto) and buying platforms to understand your target audience's relationship with gaming (what they play or watch). Younger men are more likely to be eSports fantastics.. while older women - are more likely to enjoy mobile casual gaming. Whatever your audience, the reach you are likely to be able to add by including gaming is likely to be significant and incremental.  


2. Decide how to activate
Clearly this should be based on your business and communication objectives. But generally: If you are looking to drive short term sales - then you may choose just to advertise your product or service directly to your target audiences in relevant gaming channels or via a gaming vertical, using video or display formats. If you are looking at brand building you will likely need to add more value.


3. Talking their language / add value
If you find a large proportion of your audience are into gaming (certainly true for 18-34s) you may choose to develop bespoke content to enable you to connect and resonate better with them. This could be gaming specific ads or branded content. With branded content, asking your audience how you can add value to their experience of gaming is always a good place to start (for example is it developing a branded game or supporting an eSports player, team, league or event).


4. Review and react
Evaluate your gaming activations as you would any communication via sales figures, sales/ROI modeling, post campaign analysis (awareness purchase intent), social listening and buying reports (engagement etc). Did it perform better or worse than previous activations (campaign, channels, formats, assets)? What did your audience think? What could you improve next time? If it went well should you increase investment and develop deeper, bespoke gaming communications?


5. Get help
The IAB Gaming task force is always available to support advertisers getting into gaming and provide impartial advice so just get in touch. There are also a number of specialist gaming creative agencies, media agencies, influencer agencies and publishers who can support gaming strategy and activation that we can list for you.

Access the full guide here.


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