Manage Winners

Manage Winners

The Manage Winners section is used to randomly select winners from a challenge that you have set using the “Challenge” functionality. In the Manage Winners section, you will find three different sections. Randomize Winners, Challenge Winners and Prizes Winners. Let's explore these different categories.




Randomize Winners

This functionality will enable you to manually generate winners from the users who have completed your challenge. By clicking the “Randomize Winners” button, you will get a pop-up where you are asked what terms you want to randomize and to enter three different values.

Randomize by min. high score: Enables you to select winners based on their minimum high score.

Randomize by probability (multi-entry): If you have activated the multi-entry feature, this enables you to randomly select winners based on probability rather than minimum high score.

Number of winners: Select the number of winners that you wish to generate.

Min points: The requirement for the minimum points the players should have reached to qualify to be included in the randomization

Max points: The maximum points the players can reach and still qualify for randomization. We suggest you set this number very high, to not exclude any players.

Once you have done this and generated your winners, you can download the CSV file which contains a list of your winners.



Challenge Winners

This section shows all the people who have completed the Challenge (länk till Challenge) in your game. This means that everyone on this list has reached the set point goal. This list can be exported as a CSV file, similar to the Randomize Winners section.